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    Easiest Way to Overcome Fear of Flying
    Virtual Reality Enhanced Flight Phobia Treatment

About AvioVR

Why AvioVR?

Reliable Team
The program is conducted by a team of clinical psychologist with at least 5 years of experience in aviation psychology. During the course of the program, participants are observed through heart-rate, skin conductance and neurological monitors. If any intervention is deemed necessary, the program is immediately paused.
Immersive Experience
AvioVR program is conducted by latest technology VR glasses. Participants are exposed to every flight process; from airport entrance, check-in counters, security and gate controls to take-off, in-flight and landing. Flight experiences vary with time of day and weather conditions. Simulation seats are used to propagate the feeling of flight to the entire human body.
Effective Treatment
In the past 10 years, global research has shown that virtual reality supported treatments are more effective, robust and permanent compared to conventional methods. The rate of treatment goes as high as 95%. Additionally, World Health Organization approved EMDR methodology is pre-integrated within the application to ensure treatment efficiency.
Time Efficiency
In addition to reliability and sustainability, AvioVR provides a time consuming solution for treatment. After you apply to the program, your program compatibility and level of phobia is assessed through a series of scientifically proven scales. Afterwards, you are exposed repetitively to the scenes which are out of your comfort zone. In a time span of 2 days, the program aims to treat your phobia completely.


Day 1


Day 2



Corporate Therapy

One of the most encountered problems with large corporate companies is, the overhead cost caused by flight anxiety of qualified personnel. We provide corporate solution packages for personnel and executives who are suffering from flight anxiety.

Individual Therapy

AvioVR provides customized individual therapy sessions. Anxiety and phobia levels of a person are evaluated by an expert clinical psychologist through our self-developed scale. Based on the outcome of the scale and interview, stages with the highest fear and anxiety is determined and a customized program is tailored for the individual. The therapy session is concluded in 1 to 2 days in this program.


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